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Friday, December 30, 2005

Lil Giggle

Lil C was pretty cunning today. In the morning, he refused to sit on his baby high chair. He stood on the seat of his chair.. and tried to come down from it... Yep... pretty notti!!! MaMa was worried and scolded lil C.. hehehe.. and the irritating part, he giggled as if he knew it irritated his MaMa... When MaMa kinda forced him to sit down, he started screaming as if MaMa had pinched him on the bottom...

During morning nap, while MaMa breastfed to put lil C to sleep, lil C bit MaMa's nippie and started his giggle again. At first, MaMa showed that it was painful.. Lil C thought MaMa was playing with him. He continued till MaMa decided to pretend to be sleeping. So, that made lil C continued his milk and ZzZzzzzz he went.. hehehe.

Lunch, he was quiet. Maybe he was hungry, so finished up the whole bowl of porridge... also tricked him a bit that 'momom' as he called it was from grandpa's plate... else he wont finish his food.

Dinner time, MaMa put lil C in the walker... and yet, for the 1st time, he managed to CLIMB on to the walker's seat... Hi & below, he giggled again........ heheheh.... very very notti today..

PaPa came home quite late, so didnt manage to say good-nite to PaPa... Lil C went to sleep at 8.30pm.

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