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Sunday, January 01, 2006



New Year, new resolutions..??? hmm... Well, that's what everyone would normally say.. To me, this new year, may Lord give me the holy spirit with his blessings, to guide me in bringing up my lil C, to have more patience, not to spank him.. (hahaha).. and have a super duper big heart! AMEN!! and also to peace on earth.. hehehe

Last night, hadda dinner with friends at Ancient Mariner Restaurant, KK. Food was ok.. not much comments on the rest! hehehe.. Anyways, came home kinda late after countdown, around 1am. On the way home, Pohpoh called to inform that lil C woke up, looking for us. She passed the phone to lil C to listen to his MaMa's voice. I was almost broke in tears... According to Pohpoh, he refused to go to sleep ( i.e from 10pm - till we arrived home).Poor baby, he was at the doorstep, carried by PohPoh, waited for us to come home.

Carried him unto my arms, brought him to our room and breastfed him. He was already sound asleep while drinking milk. I told myself, how could I actually leave him alone while we went out enjoying ourselves.. Or maybe its just part & parcel of life... learning things as we go through...

Still cant forget the pain, when I heard his voice for the first time on the phone... tsk..tsk..

ANyways, we, the family of the VUNS, are going to have New YEar's dinner at Atlantis Cafe, Damai... That's tonight.. being cheapskate for not having dinner on eve instead. Thinking about it, all the holiday's fun are too commercialised that one may pay double if one is to go out for NYE's dinner..

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