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Friday, January 06, 2006

Tummy Ache?

Lil C has been crying all night long, poor baby! When we carry him, he'd be quiet and sleep. But when we put him down, he started screaming as if in terrible pain. I was so confused, werent sure what to do. PaPa suggested to apply some Eucalyptus oil on his tummy and forehead. I did, and seemed that it helped, but only for 2 hours... then, wwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! again... sigh!!! not sure, so I carry him again, and immediately he slept snuggly! when I put him down, he cry. Applied the oil again, didnt work this time!!!! So, hadda put lil C on our queen size bed and make him sleep there for tonight. So far so good!

Papa sez maybe tummy ache, but I think that he wanted some M&P's comfort. He wanted to sleep with us esp at night, which I try not to encourage that but for some reason, he always wins.. heheeh.. It seems that after 2am, he'll cry for comfort, mama will breastfeed him and Zzzzzzzzz.. on our bed. Mama also too lazy to get up to put him on his own cot.

Anyways, as long as he is healthy, I wouldnt ask for anything more! Not even to repay my precious sleep...ZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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