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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Happy 55th Birthday, Suk Goong!

Last night, we went to Suk Goong's (paternal grand uncle) birthday bash! He turned 55 today. It was a cool party held at KYC, Tanjung Aru ended till 1am this morning. Arrived there around 7pm, PaPa was the unofficial cameraman. So, he was busy taking shots of the events.
The attendees

Lil C had good fun too. He loved the balloons, loud music, new taste of food and above all, the lovely colourful lightings. He was very well-behaved.. friends carried him around, everywhere.. and he was without a fuss. In fact, I thought he loved it coz then he could roam about, explored new things where ever they brought him to.
Exploring new things,"MaMa..MaMa, balloon"

Hello, friend

He was so active that he forgot (or more likely we forgot) the time. At times, I kinda lost track of who carried him and where they brought him to.. hahaha! But that's okay, I just hafta learn to let go a bit... just a bit... couldnt get too carried away..

Look how tired he looked, this was taken around 10.30pm
and yet, he didnt wanna go to sleep

Before he went to sleep on MaMa's arms, PohPoh fed him a half bigh bowl of warm, delicious porridge.. heheh.. yummy yum!!! He finished it to the last grain, then fell asleep. Poor boy, and that was already 11pm. The loud music from the Cock & Bull's live band lullabied him into his goodnite sleep.. A good training for sleeping time..

p/s the cool bit about this party was that the attire = denim. So, goong-goong & pohpoh were in fashion too! According to goong-goong, this was the first time in his entire 71y.o wearing jeans... Well, there's always a first time..

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