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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

2nd Hair Cut ~ a traumatic Experience

Poor Lil C.. today was a traumatic experience at the hair saloon.

Before the hair cut, I specifically told PaPa to inform the lady hairdresser not to use any eletrical razor for the job. As PaPa & the lady conversed in Chinese, I assumed the request had been passed on. To my suprised, the lady used a battery-operated razor to SHAVE poor Lil C's head! Imagine someone who was trusted to do the hair job using a CHAINSAW to trim your short hair??????????? I guess the same terrified feeling Lil C had! Lil C was screaming his heart out! Poor baby!

When Lil C started squeeling, the lady changed in to an electric razor, which made Lil C even worse. This time he pulled my hands as if he wanted to be rescued from the monster that trying gobbled up his head. I told her to use scissors instead. Then PaPa explained that she informed him that she worried if using scissors, the sharp end might injure Lil C's head... yeah right!!!! What is growing in her brain ? Lil C is only 11 m.o. He wouldnt really understand what is a haircut.. esp having that loud, buzzing monster onto his head is a no-no!

So, she replaced from razor to the scissors, of coz Lil C would not let anything touch his head anymore... So there we were, out from the hair saloon with his left side of his hair botak (bold)... Poor Kid!! and yet hafta pay RM6.

p/s MaMa hadda new hairdo too, but in a different saloon, of coz!

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