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Sunday, February 19, 2006

1 year Old Birthday Bash

We had lil C's bday bash 3 days earlier before the actual date. Well, I guess becoz 19th falls on Sunday, where everyone could make it.. also the Chinese believe that birthday shud be celebrated earlier, and not later... ahaks... It was a birthday luncheon, guests were around 30 people. We wanted it to be small coz err.. well, he'll get a grand one on his 21st bday..! hahaha..

Here's some selected pics Papa took (we took like 350 pix... urghhh..).

This is lil C's smile, morning before his birthday party. What a delightful toddler, I shall say! As comparable to the picture below, that was his pic when he was only a day old.. Any resemblance?

Maybe his nose.. hehehe... just like Mama's
This is his scruffy look, we called it monkey face

Lil C was doing his cool dance, by bending his knee up and down!
Then, he made his few steps towards his high chair.

Getting ready for the guests, putting on his party hat!

Introducing, lil Christian Xanders Lai (13m.o)

Introducing, baby Faith (18m.o) Somehow, we still call her 'baby', she is soo cute & adorable!

Introducing, lil Christian Ho (12m.o).
I love this pix, reminded me of an ad on
KID's Lunch..
hehehe.. love it!

The THINKER, Ian Hiew (2.5yo). Love this pose, as if he has sooo much to think about...

Dannielle Daya, right, (3yo), grabbing all the ballons she can!

Lovely couple, James & Collyn, with their darling Thomas (5mo).

However, we didnt manage to take the other babies pix... Lil Isaac was fast asleep while everyone was enjoying themselves.. Baby Mea was kinda late for the crowd.. When she arrived, we forgot about some photo session!

Lil C's birthday cake, cute huh?

Mama & lil C. The background was decorated by Mama & jiajia Tabitha the night before..

One for the record!
Look at cunning C, pointing at the cake, instead of looking at the camera

"Happy Birthday Christian, Happy Birthday to yoooooooo"

Tired lil baby! Resting for a while, bfore continue to play with the rest!
How sweet his smile..

Balloons, balloons everywhere!

ooooh, prezzies time!

Hey, its a bug! Look at lil C's excited face!

Hardworking Lil Engineer!

hmmmuaxx!!!... I love wheels!!!!

Now its time to say goodnite! Lil C and bug on their wheels... vrrooooomm!!

Lil C had his late nights and this time, he slept around 10pm.

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