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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Happy 1st Birthday, baby!

Today is his actual birthday! Happy birthday, sweetie! Mama & Papa loves you very much!

A remembrance of his 1st year birthday ticker in this bloggie!
Gotta upgrade to a new one!

We kept the top part of his cake for today's occassion! This time, he has all the time to blow his candle.... Poor baby, in this pix, he wasnt feeling quiet well... look at his face.. having cold..

Muaxx!! Kisses from Papa & Mama...
kasian him, macam kena penyet.. hehehe
(crushed in between..)

Enjoying his delicious cake! Yummy!

Sharing his joy with cousin Isaac...

Ammmm.... having a very big bite! Mama wasnt around, went for yoga! Else, she may not agree with this act! Papa's cool.. let lil C do as he wishes... tsk..tsk..tsk,..

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