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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Share, please..

You know how sometimes kids dont like sharing. Perhaps they dont understand the concept of sharing.. Perhaps they think that by giving the toys to the other kid means they lose-out!

Some parents try to talk to the kid such, "Please share it with little sister.. she's younger than you.. (So what, does it makes that she deserve it better???).." or sometimes treaten the poor darling by saying,"U better give that to small brother, else mommy will... ". I ever heard from my aunt, saying to her children such," Don't worry about not having what sister has, because mommy will buy a better one for you.."

Well, I am not sure what my reaction would be.. I think I probably would let my children to play the toys given a time-frame each respectively.. I think that's fair enough, like each child would be given 30minutes to play at one time... After that time given, he has to pass the toy to the other child. Then maybe, if he still wants to play with it, he can have it in his next turn. That's how I treated my nephews and nieces anyways, and it worked somehow ... well, most of the time ( for PS2 / TV prog esp!) If it doesnt, my eyelids would stretched till my eyeballs were almost falling off!

Here's some scene of Lil C's sharing challenges... hehehehe.. enjoy!

How adorable, lil Isaac was soooo happy playing with lil C's new toy!

Mama sensed there's a disagreement here... Look at lil C's expression!

And right on!

Poor Isaac, he was sooo dissapointed!

The next thing.... hehehe.. well, GongGong managed to find an old whistle, which is similar to that one of lil C's and gave it to Isaac... So, I guess other way to prevent rivalry is that every child to have the same one! (maybe different colour to make it interesting) hahaha.. That's exactly how my mom behaved us all, esp with my three brothers.. Cool eh?

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