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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Watcha doing, darling?

Lil C was soo cute today! He was standing at the corner of the kitchen, quitely.. and alone! We were suprised to see him there, sweaty and all... We called him into the hall, but he refused and remained at his spot...

Well, you know la what happened.. He was doing his big business, standing! He was soooo sweaty that he was so uncomfortable. He was there for like 10-15 minutes before Mama came to the rescue... I guess he was so appreciative of Mama's presence that he cried to seek for attention. Cutey!

"Watcha doin there, darling?"

"It's hot over there, come into the living hall."
Lil C was scratching his forehead again, due to the sweat..

"Look you are sweating! Come here, Papa loves you!"
Papa trying to persuade lil C to come in.. while lil C was starring..

"Mama, Mama.... !!! " That's when Mama was passing by..
hehehe... the heroin saved the day!

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