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Friday, March 10, 2006

still sick

hmm.. today has been more than 2 weeks lil C had his flu. Has been on Antibiotics for the past 4 days now.. seemed that his fever had gone down.. Running nose had reduce.. Hopefully after his last dose of antibiotic, he'll be well ... He is still his self tho, still very active, still playing hard! Just that he's not drinking milk from his bottle for now.. I think he has lose quite a bit of weight.. kasian..

Havent gotten his MMR jab yet.. Cant have it he is isnt well.. Dr gave him like 6 kind of drugs ... scarry!!! He hadda take them like 4-6 at once! Thank God he had been so understanding... that he'd take them after I talk to him politely... hummph...

Get well soon, sweetie..

1 comment:

F!oNa said...

duui cian c baby sis...

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