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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Brotherly 'Lorve'

I am not sure why lil C loves to bully his younger cousins and adores the elder ones. Whenever Lil Isaac is around him, he'd show his affection to Isaac to the extreme, that made Isaac irritated. Maybe that's from Papa's blood! hahhaa!!! Just kidding, honey! I bet SIL Irene would have 1001 to say about it! *wink*

Here's one of the acts lil C did which I managed to capture in my N80. Not to clear, again, due to the lack of lighting of the camera phone. Anyways...

U cant hear what sound he made as the TV was kinda too loud, but in actual fact, whenever lil C laid his head on Isaac, he pretended to snore... kurrghhh..kurggg... hehehhe... Biting my fingers to tahan taking this shot!

p/s there's no baby hurt during this shot was taken. Isaac was given full of love and tender care by his dearest, loving auntie.. hehehe... --> GuGu Ivy, solly ah!

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