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Monday, October 09, 2006

Updating my blog outlook... hmmm..

Ok, I know that I have been very slack about updating this page. I always had in mind what to update, in my head... but then, after uploading the tots in my brain, its kinda difficult to rewire and download them to the blog.. hahaha!!!

Today, I have updated to the Beta thingy... tot it was cool, until I saved it and the whole layout thing was screwed... grrrrrrr... I just cant get the click&drag option anymore.... Tried to edit using the old way (HTML) alsa failed!!! grrrr... this is what I hated about programming, when it is out of control! (more like I just screwed it.. kekeke)..
Ok, dun think I can go further setting this thingy.. need to get my brain back... It's like 5am and I think my harddisk (brain) is overheated. SO, will try again.. mean while.. enjoy the new pictures..

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