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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Updates from nb
(Sun 26 Nov 2006)

I miss lil C soooo much, that I keep talking about him to cuz Flo all day long!! I almost wanted to bring one of lil C's pillows to accompany me to sleep here in USJ, but hubby thinks it would be an unwise idea. I think so too! Else I wont be typing all this but crying, hugging that pillow! Feeling soo bad leaving lil C in KK.

Actually, my first plan was to bring lil C and my mum here to Subang. But then, after giving a very thorough thought, both hubby and myself thinks that it is better that lil C stayed back in KK. Mainly because it is more convenient JUST IN CASE anything goes wrong, or lil C get sick.. How is my mum gonna bring him to the doctor? I wont be around coz I have my classes from 9am-10pm. Cuz Flo will be at work.

Feel sooooo down!

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