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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Down to Memory Lane II

Here's the 'drain' area where we did our stunts every morning..
Notice the blue-red fly-over. That's where the drain used to be, previously. Now it's a dual- carriage way that goes underground, direct to Sunway.. I think!

Shot was taken from the SS15 busstop, next to Metropolitan College, Subang (We used to catch the bus to KL every Friday, after our A-Levels class, right? Was it MetroBus 4?).
The black car coming from the right, that's to Taylor's College (to give you the orientation of this pic). And I think that mailbox was there during our time, right?

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Just to add on, the picture below is a sad condition of a bird's cage which was placed right in the center of Asia Cafe, and the poor birds must be suffocated from heat and smoke of the stir-fry/roasted food surrounding them. How can anyone place the cage there?? I couldnt even stand there for more than a minute, bcoz of the heat/smoke... I hope the authority will take action for this matter!

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