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Friday, January 12, 2007

Happy Anniversary, PIL

We had dinner, to celebrate my parents-in-law 44th wedding anniversary. The food was scrumptous, not too expensive. ;) It's above the Winner's Hotel, at Cantonese Noodle House (i think)

Lil C trying his chopstick skill to pick the popcorns.

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After dinner, we dropped by at Parkson, Wawasan Plaza, trying to look for small glass pitcher, which is no where to be found anywhere.. Lil C, a motorcycle lover, refused to go home (popo wanted to return home before 9.30pm, not to missed her WLT TV programme) when he saw a bunch of MoMo (Motorbike models). So, mama took pictures of them and promised to show him in the car on the way home. AGreed.

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Just hope that he wont be a Mat Rempit, in future!

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