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Monday, January 22, 2007

Language Development

Lately, lil C has been talking / using more words than usual. Normally, he would use sign language to communicate with us (which most of the time I will be the translator between him and everyone else. His Papa would always ask me what did he mean).

It started last week where he will just pick up anything that we say, ether to him or he heard from us. He started doing comparision, like Big and small.. Like his Big Momo (motorbike) and small Momo, big poon (that's spoon) vs small poon. I thought that he was just merely memorising the big-small from me, but it seemed that he knows the meaning. He also would say the name of animals, if he sees them like dog (he doesnt say doggie coz doggie means his stinky lil Patrick, the red stuff animal, which is his best friend for life. He refused to drink nenen (milk) without his doggie.. It stinks because after he drinks his milk, he will bite the doggie's tail.. ewww!!!), 'mao' (cat in Hakka), birty (birdie), moo (cow), hossh (horse), pig, bee (any insects that flies), ants, Achat (Wong Chat ~ Roaches in Hakka), Ajad (lizard)... to name a few!

He also knows which car belongs to whom. If I point at papa / kungkung / suksuk / gugu's car, he'll get them all right! Yesterday, when we went to pick Papa at SGCC after his game of golf, I parked our car at the carpark, lil C told me, "Mama, Suksuk's tar!". I thought he was just saying it because he saw the roof of a similar car like his suksuk's. I went to check the plate no, it was indeed his suksuk's car! Amazing!!

He'll name vehicles like tar (car), truck (any lorry / double cabin), momo (motorbike), bah (bus), awoplane (aeroplane). When I drive, I will play games with him who is seating behind me in his carseat. I will ask him to inform me if he sees a motorbike / truck / etc, the he will go, "Mama! Mama! truck!! truck!!" with excitement. It works because that will occupy his time, not realising that I cant be with him at the back to play with him.

He couldnt pronouce the sound 'K', so he calls his kungkung Tungtung, Gogo becomes Toto, GuGu becomes Tutu. He is good in calling his dearest best friend/cuz's name Isaac with a perfect pronounciation! The Isaac word has become like part of his vocab where its always Isaac where? Isaac cry! Isaac momom(eat).. Isaac this, Isaac that when he doesnt have anything else to say.. He will call his own name "Tootten" when referring to himself..

When he wants to drink water, he will make the sign of drinking, and says "Aii!! Aii!" which previously we thought Air... it was kinda funny because we imagine since when does lil C speaks Malay.. But today, after few incidences happened in the car while I was driving, I figured out he was actually saying, "oi! oi!" It means I want in Hakka.

He has improve his please which before he said, "ainn" which none of us know where did he learn that from. He will now say, "pissh". Thank you will still be "Ainn Neh". Will ask us to read for him by saying, pisshh rid!!

For some reason, every sunday, he will remind us to go to church by saying, "Anennn!!" (that's AMEN). There was one time when we were late for mass, and decided not to go.. he actually kept saying, Amen, that kepts the guilt in us. So now, we try to instil the habit of praying before bed at night where he will be the one to complete the prayers by saying his fav word, Anenn!

His powerful word, is MINE. That happens when his cousins starts playing with his toys... he, possesively, grabs the toys back and says MINNNNNE and hugs the toys as if its a gesture of 'you are not having it'. His previous powerful word previously was NOO!! NOO!!! but we stopped saying no to him, instead we worded our sentences where we minimise the NO word. and hey, it really worked! Imagine, before this, it was always No This and No That, nothing else!! The fun bit is that papa and myself would always create funny mouthful sentences like, "Are you sure that's what you want to do?" instead and poor lil c stares at us and go,"ummmmm....". HE must be thinking, what in the world are my parents talking about! hahahaha!!

So, these are few basic vocab in lil C's dictionary. Well, papa.. hope you are taking note here!

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