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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Land of the Giants!

Imagine that you are the 'Jack' of that the Beanstalk story!

The moment you end your beanstalk's climb and step into the giant's world.. everything seems so foreign! The huge tree, gigantic pebble stone, the loud dashing sound from the strong current of a stream... the bright sunlight that can blind you.. errkk!! . . and the walk to the giant's castle seems forever! (hehehe.. you still hafta follow the storyline)..

When you arrive, standing in front of the enormous castle, you look up at the doorbell which may need a ladder for your to reach for the switch. Your eyes were caught at the beautiful, smooth carvings of the door. The carvings and statues look so real that you have the desire to touch and feel the surface. Before you could do so, the creaking sound of the door opening is deafening ! ...CREAKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!

There stood a tall, huge yet a friendly-looking lady giant. She smile at you and say something that sounds familiar, as if she is asking if you are lost. You reply her, yet she cannot understand a word you are saying. She picks you up (being little is a plus for being cute and irresistable! hahaah!) and you start to scream and ask to be put down! She thinks that you may be hungry and bring you to the kitchen.

Despite that you're struggling and trying to escape from her grip, the aroma in the kitchen tells your brain that you are very hungry after that long hours of climbing up the beanstalk. Your screams halt and the giant lady puts you down to sit on the dining table... yeap!! Its a huge table and chairs that is set for giants!! When you sit on the chair, you can hardly see whats on the table. Realising that, the kind giant lady takes another chair and stake it to raise your seat.

"Dinner's ready!" You presume that's what she say. She place a humungous set of large plate and spoon that reminds you of your ladle at home. "How on earth am I going to use the ladle as a spoon?". You try to explain this to the giant lady, but she cannot understand. She thinks that you are thirsty and give you a huge glass of water, which reminds you the bucket at home. You are just too tired and hungry to refuse the food and drink, you decide to just use your two bare hands to scoop the rice and eat the green leaves! Ewww!!!! Taste terrible!!! What happened to salt and pepper? You take a piece of meat stew, and it is too tough that almost break front teeth!!!

Hungry and dissapointed, you voice out your problems.. She does not seems to hear you. So you shout and complain and bawl and just do everything else to grab her attention till your eyes almost pop-out, brain almost burst... Being irritated, you throw the 'ladle', which accidently spill the water in the 'bucket' cause you and the table cloth to get wet all over!! The giant lady rush towards you and yells, as if telling you to shut-up and how terrible you have been misbehaved! Her face is soooo red with flares of anger. Without you manage to clean yourself up, wash your oily and sticky hands, she grab your arms, carries you to the living room and throws you into a jail-looking portable room....

"Huh??" At this stage, you are soooo angry and frustrated, at the same time trying to defend your rights! The kind lady has turn into a red scarry monster! You try to communicate with her, ask her to let you out from that confined cell!! But it seems no use! The monster cannot understand you! She yells back at you as if the Krakatau Volcano erupts for the 2nd time in history.. She leaves the room and shut the door! BANG!!!!!!!..

You cry, scream, yell, shout, ask to be release at once, but to no avail.. No one can hear you now! You try to break the cell wall by kicking, punching, biting... everything!!! Yet, you only hurt your self... Feeling insecure, afraid and lonely, your eyes start bursting with tears.. Being far away from home into this foreign world, everything seems to be different from the world that you know. "Is this a bad dream?", you ask yourself.. "What happened to my world??? The world that I live in? Why am I in this giant's world? I just want to go home!!!"

All you remember is that before all these strange things happenings, you were happily in your cosy home, playing with your lovely son! Oh!! You were reading a book to him, to make him sleep.... emmmm... you were reading the Jack & the Beanstalk..!!!

"Hey!!! Where's my baby???" Bit your lips real hard!!


Ouch!!!!!... what happen? biis di mulut sya, slurrpp!!... alamak... sya tertidur pula, ingat mo kasi tidur anak.. tapi mama pun terikut tidur! hahaha!! It was only a dream... being in the LAND OF THE GIANTS!!... isnt that scarry...

Next to me is my lil sweetie pie... looking at him, I wonder how you do feel, living with the giant humans.. A whole new world to you, sweetie! Mama loves you very much!

p/s I stopped reading Jack & the Beanstalk to lil C, coz the more I read it, the more I reailised there's no moral in this story...Its a terrible story for growing up children!! It teaches thief, lies, revenge etc... not all acceptable to be in the beginers.. or even for the adults!!!!

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