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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Pre-School Hunting, again!

I called another pre-school, which claimed to be a semi-Montessori in Luyang. 5 mins car ride from where we are residing. The principal cum owner sounded very excited when she picked my call, and kept reminding me to visit her school because there are a lot of exciting products or 'things' as she described it. Sounded very desperate, huh? hehehe.. well, I guess they are just trying to survive!

I asked her what kind of system is being used in the kindy, she told me that she used every system that she feels are appropriate to the nowadays child education needs.. WOw! Everything??? And she said that 1 system isnt enuff for a child to stimulate his/her brain... Another wooh!!

M: What kind of system do you follow?
P: Oh, everything that is good for the children. I use Montessori, bla..bla.. (I cant remember what!) We cannot use only one method, because more will stimulate the child's brain. By the way, how old is your child?
M: ..err.. He is coming to 2 next month. Do you accept children below 2?
P: Oh, yes! yes! In my school, we have quite a number of children like your son. We teach them Memory, esp in Language. U know, most of the child aged 2 cant speak, so we teach them how to say house, plate.. the things at home..
M: .....u-huh.. u-huh.. (actually, I was brainfroze for a while.. couldnt comprehend what she was trying to explain.. I was scanning through literally what she said.. MEMORY?? hmm...)
M: Do you apply Montessori Philosophy in your kindy?
P: Yes! Yes! I use the Phonetic Language.. very good for the child to learn. We also apply the Maths because its very good.. bla.bla..
M: Oh, what about the other sections like Sensorial?
P: err... come again? What was that you were saying?
M: *sigh* oh, nevermind..
P: Please come and visit our school ya, do call me earlier before you come for a visit.. Morning is a better time..
M: Oh, okay. Will do so.. Maybe next week.. Thank you v much for your time.

hmmph!!! So dissapointing!
Anyone out there, do you know any good Montessori Kindergarten in KK? *sigh* Got the blues..again! tee hee hee.. I am not trying to push lil C to pre-schools, but I would like him to get the hang on socialising and learn to be independant (and its only for 3 hours a day). Of course, into the right school tho'


rachel cletus said...

Celine, hv u checked out Taska Bright Star in Kingfisher? They oso claim to be Montessori. Check it out-lah & blog bout it, k? :)

Ben said...

My daughter was at Jack N Jill MOntessori at Likas for a few yrs. Cant see it from main road. Have to go left after the likas post office. I dont have any complaints.

Or check out Bright Beginnings Montessori at Austral Park. I tried to get my daughter & son there, but full house everytime i asked. Seems very popular.

Elaine said...

Haha...I suggest you do homeschooling just like what Leah told me to. She also mentioned that in true montessori, it should be mixed age group that what her school's doing, unfortunately all the schools I found are not. :(

Elaine said...

OOh..next time you go school hunting , dont let them know you got a knowledge in Montessori beforehand, let them sell you their school, only before you leave , tell them you are doing the course, you will see all sort of facial expression on their face. LOL

Joan D'Arcy said...

Thanks for the infos, Rachel & Ben. I heard of J&J, but I thought it has been closed down since the owner has left for NZ. And Bright Beginners in Austral Park only accepts children above 3, I heard a lot of positive comments about that school. I will check out Taska Bright Star.. and blog about it. Stay tune! ;)

Next time I will act blur-blur and ask more Q. heehee

Jewelle said...

Hi there. I think it would be hard to find a kindy that is as how we would like it, more so when we feel that we know and expect a certain standard that may not be practical due to the qualifications of the teachers or even the background of the students or the culture of the community, don't you think so?

As for me, my daughter is 3 years and I have no plans to send her to any school yet until next year when she goes to Kindergarten. But right now, I try to teach her anything and everything that I find interesting and useful for her.

I think more importantly is that I try to teach her all the right attitudes, healthy state of mind and correct values. I believe that when a child has strong emotional and mental foundation, they will be able to pick up skills or resist negative influence better, which to me is a priority.

But of course, we each have our own priorities and methods. Good luck in your quest!

Btw, did you try the one just before Tshung Tsin? I thought it said that it is a montessori school...kalau sia tidak salah lah.

Joan D'Arcy said...

Hi Jewelle,
Thanks for dropping by, and share your thoughts. I agree with what you say about finding the right kindy! Even you get the best looking, equipped kindy with lousy teachers, abis lah tu budak2..

Like they always say, "Moral begins at home"! How true! Btw, thanks for the info on Montessori kindy next to Tsung Tsin, sya bulum lagi pi check!

Raajesh kumar said...

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