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Monday, January 29, 2007

Mama, Look!

Lately, lil C knows how to grab my attention by doing the wrong things... This could be the "Terrible Two" syndrome that everyone has spoken about. Well, it is very tiring, not to loose my cool, at the same time trying to straigthen the rules. (He is being pampered by everyone at home)

Few days ago, lil C did something that really annoyed me (cant remember what was it already).. the fact that I was sooo mad and refused to entertain him.. He went calling me,"Mama, Mama!! Look!! Look!!"

I wanted to tell him that I was very upset with his unacceptable behaviour, turn my head to show him that.. until I saw this cute, adorable kid, trying to cheer me up.

I managed to get a snap of him and his action (that's what mobile phone cum camera is for ;))

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Mama, Look!! His right hand ws holding on to something..

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"Mama, Look... Isaac sit!" (He always refers to any botak, rounded face figurine as his cousin, Isaac)
LOL!!! How can I get mad with this cute lil act!

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