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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Cousin's Visit

Last weekend, I was babysitting 2 nephews for a while as their mother went out to buy some groceries. Having 3 kids in my hand (wow!), I decided to do some activities with them, before I got drained out...

The eldest kid, Ian, 3.5 years old goes to Super-Tot kindy in KK. Since he is the only talking kid, I decided to attend to him first. The other two are still on milk bottle, so made their milk and turn on Barney.. ( ouchh!!!! I hate when I start doing that!.)

Anyways, I let Ian work on the Mini Knobbed Cylinder. But before that, I asked him to unroll a mat.

    M: Ian, before we start, I would like to show you how to unroll a mat.
    I: I dont want to unroll a mat, why must we?
    M: Well, we need the mat if we want to work on the floor.
    I: But I dont want to unroll a mat. In my school, we dont need to unroll a mat. We have tables to work on.
    M (being lazy to sit on the kid's table coz need to look after the 2 other kids): Well, sometimes we sit on the floor and use a mat to work. (stressing) Would you like me to show you how to unroll a mat now?
    I: No! My teacher never teach us to unroll a mat.
    M: Well, okay then. So we are not going to do anything without the mat (Pretend to read newspaper).
    I: Okay! Okay! We unroll a mat.. Auntie Celine, please dont read newspaper..
    M: (Muahahah!! Evil lafter inside).. (showed Ian how to unroll a mat)
    I: I like this mat, I like 'working' with you.
Sigh! I thought teaching a talking kid was easier than mumbling toddlers.. geez... I guess its the 'order' in them because that's how they were taught in their school.

After showing Ian how to use the mini knobbed cylinder:
    I: Auntie Celine, I like this! I want to do again, and again and again..
and indeed, he did. It occupied him for quite a while until his mom came back. A very good concentration he had there! So, there I was, one is done, two more kids to go!

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