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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

More Knobbed Puzzles

Lil C just loves puzzles. This particular puzzle belongs to cousin Isaac. I am always amazed with his absorbent mind (photographic memory) that he could solve this problem in no time! Amazing God's creation!
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Concentration, small muscular exercise (pincer grip for later writing), awareness of different kind of transport


crystal-ivy said...

Thanks for sharing this celine, Ur son is so amazing boy! My Irfan is only 4 months younger than him,but his seems far away behind compare ur little C, I wish he also can solve his puzzle once they arrived. I really learn a lot from you celine.. thank you so much.. at least I know what should I buy for him next time!

Joandarcy said...

WIth pleasure.. I am not an expert on this either.. sama2 belajar! ;)

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