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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

PLE : Wet Pouring Exercise for Toddlers

I find that one of the first environment for practical life exercise for toddlers is in the kitchen. There are just so many things that the toddlers would like to imitate the adults at work.

As lil C still isnt ready for the proper dry/wet pouring exercise, I let him to do pouring for his own drink, like water/ribena/milk from a lil glass pitcher to a glass. It was so difficult to look for that particular pitcher. The glass is transparent, better for liquid pouring so that the lil child knows how much liquid in it.

Why using real, breakable materials? Most parents would think that it is troublesome, esp when a child breaks them, more work for the parents to clean up. According to Montessori, if we want to help to develop controlled movements and care in handling his environment, we have to give him items that he cannot handle roughly or throw about, without realistic consequences. If an accident happens - a glass is broken or water spills, we should show the child how to clean it up. Normally, I will always put a kitchen paper towel next to him, just incase if there's any spills.

I realised that lil C will always handle the breakable, heavy glass pitcher/mugs with care, as compare to the plastic cups, which will fly around the kitchen. Seriously! Perhaps, I have always emphasis on him being careful with the breakable items. So far, he has not break any - touchwood!

The glass pitcher I got in RibuJadi shop in Asia City, KK; costs RM3.90 each. So tiny, yet so attractive for lil C that he always requested his drinks to be prepared by himself. I will always be around to supervise him, when he does this kind of activity.

p/s Before starting this exercise, I taught lil C the names of the materials used. Take note, lil C is left handed. That's why the glass pitcher was placed on his left. After drinking, lil C said "weet" means SWEET, commenting about the sweetness of this strawberry milk's taste. Lil C had to wipe the spills using his bare hands coz the paper towel was blown away by the fan earlier (Mama was too busy trying to get this footage! oops!) I should have give him sponge instead. Lil C's hand coordination is still isnt smooth, but by time, having faith in him + more practice, I believe that he will be better.

Control of Error:
Lil C is aware that the control of error is the spillage of liquid. I also make sure that the liquid is only a quarter of the pitcher, because lil C does not drink so much at one time.

Development for order, concentration, fine and gross motor skills (for wrist and finger muscle), eye-hand coordination, independence.

Jug, Glass, Tissue (sponge), Name of the drink (Water/Milk/Ribena etc)

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