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Thursday, March 15, 2007

School Break

Imagine, taking care of 5 kids today age 2-8yo, how hectic/havoc could it be.

That happened to me today, and few more days after this.. (Thank God the yoga has been helping me to stretch my muscles or else..) I went to Bornion Foh Sang to get some 'food/leong cha' for those ravenous kids, hoping for them to settle down at least for a while (that's when during them stuffing in the food)... While selecting some food at the shop, I heard someone was calling me from behind. I turned back and saw a friendly couple, smilling at me and I thought they looked so familiar. Immediately, when I saw the guy, I could recognised that he is my hubby's classmate during their schooltime. And the lady could be no other but my long distant aunty relative, dearest Rachel.

Thanks for greeting me, young aunty. I could have not been able to recognise you, esp when my mind was full of "what to do next" with the active kids at home. Going out with my baju rumah with the "Ah Sow" messy look was not building my confidence at all, esp that was the first time we spoke verbally. Aiya.... I looked so "Ah Sow" todaylarrr...

Hehehe.. this is the best thing about internets, you'd be "talking" to a person like you know her for ages.. only to know that you have not even spoken to her before, in real life.

See you in the next Wong Loong Family Reunion in July. =D

Meanwhile, here are some shots of the kids.... lil Isaac has gone to sleep during our trip to the Park.

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In the moring, playing all sorts of ball games, while waiting for my nieces to arrive.

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After food, the kids haf lots of energy to burn..

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Kungkung was showing lil C how to play here..

This is a short video of the kids playing...
Please turn the volume down before playing... Thanks!

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