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Friday, March 16, 2007

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!

This is just so overwhelming... Cant help but to scratch my butt about this here.. It's an update my previous post - Tengku Adnan - Women Bloggers are Liars issue.

"Tengku" Adnan "Tengku" Mansur tried to clear the air about his statement that Bloggers are Liars, 80% are Women.

He denied about what he said.. As if blaming the press for misquoting him... "Saya memang suka wanita.. Lagipun saya exist kerana wanita juga" sumthing like dat.. ptuii!!!!

He said that he didnt mean ALL bloggers, but only refering to the Indon TV host, Nila Tanzil for blogging about her experience being invited by the MTB to cover the Visit Malaysia Year - Floral Parade.. So, now he sais that NILA is lying... Why cant the MTB take all this as a pinch of salt and improve their service?? They are FOR the people, arent they??

Sigh! Why are our politicians are so like dat one?? A must for the BolehLand elements??... Read here on Marina Mahathir's rants on why do people stand as politicians?? Make sure the next election, vote for the less otak udang! (no ones perfect right?

To Nila: Stay Strong, Keep Telling the Truth, yeah!

Ok, gotta go.. to watch Akademi Fantasia 5... Still love Felix Agus tho! wink wink ;)


Jewelle said...

All he needed to say was that he'll look into the complaints instead of making such stupid remark. The worse thing is, did anybody in the government reprimanded him for making such statement? No!

Celine said...

Imagine bah, during campaign, they will say,"Kita akan memperbaiki keadaan jalanraya kepada yang lebih canggih, mungkin akan memakan kos sebanyak RM6juta"..

After election, durang akan tambah, "..Ini pun.. apa nama.. hanya kalau ada peruntukkan dari kerajaan pusat.."

How common!! Saying something again as if that semua orang telinga tuli..

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