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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Potty Learning

Finally, after 7 weeks of potty learning, lil C has graduated in potty learning! I started him in April, and now he knows when he needs to go and will inform me quickly before an accident happens.

I bought a book titled THE POTTY BOOK for BOYS via amazon.com in March, and started reading it to him before I let him to use the potty. He loves it very much and I think it helped him to understand about what is a potty for, what does he do when he needs to pee/poop.. which a lot of us adults seemed to take it for granted that lil kids know this simple thing. It also has this cute rhyme where lil C can even 'memorizes' them as if he is reading the book.

I caught lil C was sleeping while he was doing his business. Poor guy! I think he was just too tired and dozed off. We dont use any sophisticated potty as the potty he uses is a bring-me-down which belonged to his Ah Pak once upon a time.. hahaha!!!! Talk about sentimental values, my PIL has lots of them!!

1 comment:

Elaine said...

There was once I caught my boy fell asleep on the potty too. :D

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