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Monday, September 17, 2007

Peggings~ they love it!

what do you do when you have two energetic 2yo kids that drive you insane? hahaha!!! Well, one fine day, I hadda babysit the kids all by myself.. my PIL was away for a holiday

Here's a pictorial story of the day...

You noticed that this helps the child's concentration, fine muscle control & eye-hand coordination..

They enjoyed this activity.

Once they are done, after repetitively doing pegging, lil C wanted to explore more. So he poured all the pegs onto the floor... and..

...started arranging the pegs according to the same colour.. Impressive!!
Noticed that Isaac was looking at him and ...

..he followed suit!

Believe me or not, the kids love the activity to bits.. now and then, they will ask me if they can work with the pegs.. True indeed, when Montessori said that children have the love for learning... As parents, we shouldnt force / restrict them with only learning to memorizes the ABCs / 123s esp at a very young age.. but also give them lots of practical exercise that we adults do daily.

My direct aim when I introduce this activity to the kids are for coordination, concentration, order, independence, fine muscle control and eye-hand coordination.

For a thorough Montessori Activity on Clothespin, here's the link.

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