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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Side by side

Lil C loves arranging his toys in a line..

Another time..

During this time, he would be very focus, arranging them. No one is allowed to help him, nor to disturb his concentration.. else he will throw his tantrum and be very very upset. After he is done, no one can disturb his artwork.. He will keep his toys when he had enough of it.

"All these disturbances came from a single cause, which was insufficient nourishment for the life of the mind. (Absorbent Mind, 182 in Cleo Press edition).

To give appropriate is two pronged:

  1. Interrupt the deviated cycle whenever it appears because it isn't helping development.
  2. Offer interesting activities to use up the psychic energy in a productive way.
Neither kindness nor severity help. It is the return to the normal work cycle that is self-healing.

The appearance of normalization is explosive. It must be protected. It happens in a single moment. In that moment the deviations are gone, vanished. The child is as she is. That is the first observation task of the adult. Learn to see, protect, and guide those moments. NEVER interrupt them while the concentration lasts."
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