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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

It's dressing time

My mum was kind enough to sew a few dressing vest for the boys. And the boys love them!!

Lil C tried on the Large Button vest. He always wanted to button his own shirt, so this large button is good for his tiny hands to practise.

Cuz Isaac tried on the Velcro vest, and opened it with ease.

They are not expensive to make. I only spent RM20(less than USD$6) for the materials and mum's skills for 5 different kind of vests.

Under the Montessori's Practical Life Exercise, one of the categories is the Care of Self.
Here a link on the Dressing Frames activities.


Fe said...

I love this idea!

So much more practical at home than the dressing frames!

Joandarcy said...

Hi Fe,
Thanks for dropping by.. actuallly there are more, and in fact, we dont have to make it.. its everywhere.. Like buttoning own shirt, buckling /velcro/ shoes laces... U name it! :)

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