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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ivy Vivianne Daya

Announcing a new baby in the block... NOOooo.. not mine, not yet! ;) (hinting the ticker above).. teeheehee... It's my youngest bro's lil sweetie pie!!! She is soooo adorable, born on the 10th October 2007, 9.49am at Damai Specialist, Kota Kinabalu.
Baby Ivy 3 days old
Weight: 3.36kg; Height: 51cm.

Baby Ivy, only few minutes old.. Me so eager to go to the labour room and took a snap shot pf her sleeping. She was put in an oxigen box, due to the strangulation by her own umbilical cord. But she is fine after that!

My SIL had to go through a C-sect due to her baby's position was breached.

Both mommy and baby are doing well, and they are residing in Sipitang, Sabah.


rachel cletus said...

Hi Dear,

Congrats on yr 2nd pregnancy. Sorry couldn't chat that time we bumped into each other at DSC elevator...bah biasalah, both of us sibuk! Take care, ya...

Celine said...

hehe... yah! I was also busy that time, on the third floor was my SIL, and 4th floor was(and still is) my Aunt Sr. Euphrasia. She had stroke and was unconcious for 8 days. Thank God yesterday, she opened her eyes.. but still cant speak!

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