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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Preggo!! again..

Okay.. too much of everyone's questioning why am I always MIA online... So sorry that I couldnt reply emails on time, nor updating blogs & other websites... It is becoz I have been sooooo tired lately... So exhausted that I could not even send apologetic emails to few relatives which I have missed out their names / articles on the recent WL book, also had not been contacting yous via phone.... I also could not attend my grandaunty Toniim's funeral (hmm.. this is some DONTS that I had been warned..though I am not a supersticious person).

Yeap, finally, the cat is loose!! I am 13 weeks prego! This time, I have quite bad 'evening' sickness.. so most of the early nights, my sleepy head lands in dreamland.. Hubby has been very kind, he help to settle lil C to bed; make his late milk, brush his teeth, bathe him, change to his PJs... hehehe.. make sure Mama will have her warm nestum & jacob crackers in the middle of the night.. Oh! I am the lil princess again! (I remember while conceiving lil C, I was also treated like a lil P)..

I know I should not gain so much weight during this prego (The last time, I gained 25kg!!! But thanks to breastfeeding, I lost all of them!!)... so far, I have gained 3kgs.. :-( even after all the food flushed out at night, and no appetite to eat.. hmmphhh!!!! I just give up!!! What the heck!!

Having terrible mood-swing, poor hubby have to always read my mind!!!! The last time I was like a mad cow was during 2nd day of Raya, wanted to eat Char Kuew Tiaw!!! but the famous 'uncle Lee' wasnt opened. I had a terrible headache and made a big fuss about small little things!!! Maybe fear that I will gobble the two up, hubby left me home alone and brought lil C to visit the Doulos instead... and me... continued dreaming in la-la-land!!! ahahahah!!!! Silly MaMa!!! Sigh!!!! I POOOMISE, I try to control my temper.... I POOOOMISE!!!

Will update again... lil C has just came back from the fish market visit with his kungkung!!!


Elaine said...

haha..mood swing and cravings... eh..but I don't have any cravings...I put on more than 20Kg ...:(

Waiting to pop!! :D

audreyst said...

HUGZmuakks muakks muakks...so SO happy for u Cuz!

he he he

Celine said...

No cravings.. just that the thought of getting fat again... dont care what I eat (a terrible thinking).. becoz when I breastfeed, it'll soon will drain out! hahaha!!! ;)

thanks for dropping by.. eh, ur new blog cannot access ka? hehehe ;) busy body bah!

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