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Friday, October 26, 2007

Alphabets Blind..

Lil C arranging the alphabets according to the colours. Nope, I have not really taught him reciting his A-B-Cs yet.. having difficulty with the phonics too.. He sees the letter P as a pistol, and calls it "peng-Peng"; no matter how much I tried to tell him it sounds "puh'.. so are the letters 'd', 'b', 'r', 'f' .... whatever is available.. he thinks all of them sounded "peng-peng"

(oh Gosh!!!! this happens when the adults failed to see that whatever they teach the kid, it is like GIGO - Garbage In - Garbage Out. Thanks to FIL who thought it was hillarious when he introduced the pistol impression from the alphabets.. and now, with lil C's absorbent mind - he sees the alphabets as one.. Not easy to get rid of those impressions)

However, his impressions of colours are wonderful. The prime Colours : Red / Bue / Lellow (as he pronounced them), The secondary colours : Orange / Purple / Pink / Brown / white / Green / Grey / Black (I will post his work with the Sensorial Material - Colour Box 1 & 2 soon)

Anyways.. here's the pix him with his magnetic alphas..

He will recite the colours, instead of the letters : green / Lellow / Bue / Red

Keeping the materials in to the box, after finishing work

This last one, LELLOW!! with a big grin on his face.. a happy kid!

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