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Friday, October 26, 2007

To the Dentist

Brough lil C to the Dentist yesterday morning... his 2nd visit! His first visit was with cousin Ian & Isaac in AUgust, basically it was just a familiarisation visit.. He wasnt cooperative then, I even introduced his the word DENTIST by showing him the Elmo VCD on going to the dentist episod, a week earlier.

Yesterday, PaPa was kind to spare sometime accompanying us. I kinda dragged PaPa along coz being preggo, I seemed cant tolerate all the whines and grumbles lil C might put on.. The lady dentist is very friendly and kind. Instead of being rude / persuasive, she was very patient with lil C... I guess her young twins taught her to be more preservere!

Lil C sat on Papa's lap and open his mouth when asked to do so. During the way to the dentist, we told him that he needed to show dentist his teeth so that she can help to stop the pain... So he did!

Lil C complaint about toothache few weeks back.. the nightmare I dreaded from happenning! Dr has warned me about the Baby Bottle Tooth Decay (BBTD). Docs had asked me to stop lil C from night bottle which I kind of being ignorant about it. I just cant help it when I wanted him to stop bottle feeding and started him with fresh milk, MIL told me that fresh milk isnt good for growing up kids. Lil C refused to drink his formula milk in a cup. He only uses cup to drink his yummy "cold fresh milk". Then, when I refused to give lil C bottle milk, he whines and grumbles... and PIL will tell me that he is soooo skinny, why am I stopping him from his 'nenen'?? Sigh!!!! I am just torn into pieces!!! I mean I know that I can stop him from his bottle feeding, but lil Isaac is at home most of the day and always uses his bottle milk feeding too... and whenever lil C sees him, he requested his bottle feed too... He will complain,"why Isaac have his, why me no??"... and that goes on and on and on...

Okay, I am not pointing fingers at here, just a lil frustrated with the whole thing. Poor lil C!

The thing is that I brushes his teeth every morning/night before bed, he doesnt eat sweet stuffs like sweets/biscuits.. He hardly eat anything!! Just look at his size! I guess its really the bottle feeding... When I stopped breastfeeding him, he refused the bottle milk... but I just let him use it until he accepts and use it as pacifier instead!! Till now, he only drinks 4oz from it at a time and that took almost half an hour to finish.. :( and that is a loooong time to finish!!

Dentist told me, in layman's term, in Chinese called "Powder Teeth" that is very fragile.. This is due to lack of Calcium (esp when MaMa was conceiving him), bacteria in his mouth, also inherited from Mama... (I had the same problem from young even till now... My enamel will just crumbles if I bite hard food)

What can be done? Stop bottle feeding and to give as much calcium he can get! Brush as frequent as 3 times a day using flouride toothpaste, and make sure to keep the flouride more than half a minute... She also suggested us to us GC Tooth Mousse

When CPP-ACP is applied to the tooth surfaces, it binds to biofilms, plaque, bacteria, hydroxyapatite and surrounding soft tissue localizing bio-available calcium and phosphate. Saliva will also enhance the effectiveness of CPP-ACP and the flavour of the tooth mousse will help to stimulate saliva flow. The longer CPP-ACP is maintained in the mouth, the more effective the result.
Will bring him again to the dentist in two months time, just to familiarise with the friendly dentist and the dental checkup procedure..

I reminded myself all the time : 2nd Baby - NO MORE BOTTLE FEED!!! I shouldnt have started lil C with bottle feed in the first place too!!! "I MUST STOP HIS BOTTLE FEEDING..I MUST STOP HIS BOTTLE FEEDING.."


Elaine said...

I know how you feel. I had a hard time to wean JS from the bottle, finally get her to use the sippy cup and I get very frustrated, no matter how I care of her teeth, there's still decay. They have no problem drinking cold fresh milk from cup, but not able to accept formula in cup, still needs the sippy. Anyway I don't let them fall asleep with the sippy cup, after the last night feed, either brush their teeth again or get them to gargle with plain water.

Celine said...

Thanks for sharing! Its always nice to know that I am not alone... Thanks

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