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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Hand

Something to ponder;

A child's intelligence can develop to a certain level without the help of his hand; But if it develops with his hand, then the level it reaches is higher, and the child's character is stronger.

The hands are the instruments of man's intelligence.

We should never give to the brain more than we give to the hand
(Maria Montessori, Absorbent Mind)

Lil C, 7months old (Aug 2005), constantly working with something in his hands,
discovering the existence of his life

Lil C, at 8 months old (Sep,2005)

lil C, 8months old

Lil C, 8 months old

At 11months old, lil busy body

at 11 months old (jan, 2006), life has turned upside down..

13months old, watering the flower

13months old, getting hold of apples..

13months old.. feeling the rough waxy texture of leaves

13months(Jan 2006), Feeling the earth & grass texture.. wet!!

At 14months old (Apr,2006), Learning the tricycle

14months old (Apr 2006), my favourite thing.. a beginning of the drummer boy!

15months old (June 2006), balancing lil monkeys

At 20months old (Oct 2006), water sensation.. washing the clothes.. lil amah!
22months old (Dec 2006), lil carpenter

23months old, (Jan 2007) Jamming session! (Noticed his "elvis" leg)

26months (Apr 2007), being an artsy!

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Elaine said...

Love this post. :)

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