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Saturday, October 27, 2007

11 years ago

Talking about old times, I stumble upon a pix, my cousin Melvin & me when we were in Sydney. This pix was taken in 1996, i believe... Ngam kah, cuz?? hehehe.. Muka innocent habis!!! (having innocent faces). I took this from your friendster.. hehehe.. Those were the days, I was living in Randwick.. and urs was just a few blocks away, right??


Melvin M M said...

Hi der, Cuz,

Been busy with Finals recently..finally over last week...studying again, tot it wld be far easier than work, i guess it was somewhat, but joining persatuans, adding more workload, haha..oh well, guess i asked for it, so have to enjoy da moments, eh...regarding dis pic of ours, haha, stil remember dat day quite clearly actually, april '97, thanks 4 accompanying me dat day, Cuz..one for da moment. WoW, you're goin to be a Mummy for da 2nd time soon? Nice. Congrats to you & your hubby, Cuz. Do take care always & God Bless to you & your family always. Christian's growing up just nicely too, amazing. Cheers, Cuz.

Joandarcy said...

April 1997? Buat apa tu ah? Hensem ko di sana... cuba gia kasi recall?

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