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Saturday, October 27, 2007

MV DOulos visit

I remember this ship visited KK when I was little... somewhere around the late 80s. Then, it came again in 1999..... And this my third experience into the MV Doulos. Lil C was thrilled to go on it for the 2nd time... and since he has boarded it a week before, he wanted to show-off to me that he knows the way to the bookshelves..
"Mama, show you something", he dragged my hand. "Look, BIGG ship!"

When we arrived at the Port.. it was overwhelmingly a loooooong queue.. But thank god that it went quite fast.. Lil C was enjoying the scenery & surrounding, he didnt make so much fuss about the wait..

"A very, very long q"

"look, bird!" lil C pointing at the drawings along the dock, on our way to MVD.

"Up Up Up!!!" Climbing up the stairs.. If you noticed, though it was like half a mile queue, but it only took us 15 mins or so to board the ship... Not very long when you are with lil C...

On the deck!

We were there for an hour.. The books available were mostly for children & and about christianity, self-help. I believe that they are cheaper than the books in the market.. Good quality books... Just that it was too crowded that going from 1 side to the other isnt that pleasant. Got him a few books, in addition of the books PaPa got for him in the previous visit..

I heard that this might be the last trip Doulos would be in Kota Kinabalu... Sigh... It's like a novelty to us, to me.. How often do we board on a ship like that? hehehe..

Ok, its almost 5 in the morning and my eyes arent closing yet... my mind is rather tired, but I just cant go to sleep...

I need that sleep else I would be very very tired in the day time.... No more teh tarik for me for a loooooooooooooooong loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time...


Elaine said...

hehe..finally get your see your preggy look.... Good huh..never put on as much weight as me...

Celine said...

hahah!!! I do look very messy! Now its only 15 weeks and U have gained like 3kg... Imagine, another 25 more weeks to go!!!! Saw ur preggy pix during WH's cake cutting! Cute!

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