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Friday, November 30, 2007

Ants on the Apple

Lil C loves this Phonics book. He will sing along,
"Ants on the Apple, /a/-/a/-/a/,
Ants on the Apple,/a/-/a/-/a/,
Ants on the apple, /a/-/a/-/a/,
/a/ is the sound of an A."

And this goes on...

I was browsing the internet, and found a site as above:
Check Ants on the Apple by Tishy Bruce.

We had this copy from cuz Flo, for lil C's 2nd birthday. And now, he is a lil old man...


Tabby said...

Wow, Ian's soo big!
If he gets taller than me, I'm gonna cry...

Tabby said...

Whoops, that comment's meant to be for the next post after this one.
Sorry. xP

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