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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Lil Drummer Boy

Videos of the drummer boy. Unfortunately, these were taken using my N80 camera phone, so the graphic is very bad. However, enjoy!

"Here's my new drum."
At the end, you could hear he said,"Mama, you play guitar!!"
(huh?? all he wants to hear/see from me is doing the "greng,greng" with the strumming gesture)

"Look, I can hit it very fast!!! Very very fast!!!" Proudly showing off his beatings on the CHinese Drum. You can see the biceps around his arms!


Tabby said...

Another future drummer!
We can jam together. x]

Joandarcy said...

hehehe.. definitely! When u come back.. just that the drum is super tiny for your long-er legs!

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