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Thursday, November 29, 2007

My friend(s)

Lil C always ask me, "Where my friends?" .. "I am sad, I have no friends"

Lately, he refers happiness by having lots of friends, and sad if he feels lonely. One time, he asked me, "Ma, where your friends?"
Mama : "U are my best friend."
Lil C: "No, Your friends big people, my friends (s)mall people. Your friend Kakak (refering to our part-time cleaner). My friend Isaac."

Recently, when he came back from his holiday art class,
Lil C: "Ma, I have girlfriends."
Mama: "That's wonderful. You have more friends now! What is her name?"
Lil C: "I dont know, She is MeiMei. (refered to his new found friend)"
Isnt he a darling? Well, MeiMei means younger sister in Chinese. I always refer his little cousin sisters as MeiMei.

Few days back, cousin Isaac called him, "Christian!!!" and lil C said, "No, call me KoKo (big bro)".

Brought up together, lil C regards cousin Isaac as his best friend. They have a special love-hate relationship, where lil C will always bullies poor Isaac, at the same time, he will take care of Isaac too.

Here are their brotherly love photos:

Playing remote controlled car at the car porch

"My friend", sharing their Jacob Cream Cracker biscuits

"I help you, okay"

"This is how you do it"

"yo, yo, yo"
Posing, after their hip-hop dance


Elaine said...

Training to be a korkor already. Good good!

Joandarcy said...

Hehehe... actually, lil C & Isaac are only 2 months apart.

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