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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Do the Magunatip, y'all!

Few days back, we celebrated MIL's 71st birthday at TATU. Part of the highlights were the traditional dances from the Malay dance to the graceful Kadazan's sumazau, ended with the heart racing Muruts' magunatip. We enjoyed the dances, the kids did!!

This evening, the lil rascals improvised the dance by using two hard wood and enjoying themself.. and giggling away!

Two available hard wood as the bamboo (tho it doesnt work like that),
each of them holding each end

Do the Magunatip!!

Isaac with the tinkling mini-gong

And lil C doing the Sumazau, the bird-like dance

Okay, here's the real Magunatip dance via youtube.com. Actually, this dance is very similar to other bamboo dances by the Phillipines/Thailand/Cambodia.. I guess we are from the same region.. (I love the performance did by the dancers in the Singapore Night Safari tho.. with all the fire hype.... Didnt manage to catch it in my video tho') .. Anyways, Enjoy!

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