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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Our Wedding Cake

This is, or should I refer as was (burp, xcuse me), the last piece of our wedding cake... yummy!! A rum&raisin cake which is as old as our marriage... We decided to have it for breakfast this morning.. Too sweet tho', but lil C loved it to bits! He asked, what cake is it. I told him it is a special cake. When he heard it special, he nodded, saying, "Oh!" and ate it..

so serious!

The Happy Occasion! SIL and nephews

It was a 3-tier cake.. and we saved the top bit for our 1st, 2nd, 3rd and the last piece was for the 4th Anniversary. =)


Deana E said...


Joandarcy said...

haha! Yah, frozed it in the freezer.. My SIL (in the pix) did hers for 5 years.. There's always something to look forward for every year.. Wonder what's next year? :)

Elaine said...

Wahh...4 years old cake??? You are amazing!

Joandarcy said...

hehehe... I was told by the lady who baked the cake that we can do so.. So, the day during my wedding, my thoughtful MIL tokk the top bit and kept it for else.. Else, someone might had just snatch it! hehehe.. This piece was smaller.. Last year, we actually shared a whole lot more to all my family members.

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