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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

We are 4 years old!!

It's our 4th year wedding anniversary... and guess how we spent it this time?

Due to hubby's limited time of planning, we had to cancel our plans to stay at Rasa Ria Resort. Instead, we planned to visit the Wild Life Park (again) for the sake of lil C.. He just love going there..

Well, it was pouring cats and dogs that morning.. and lil C was sleeping soundly after late night sleep celebrating PohPoh's 71st birthday the night before at TATU. We didnt manage to go to Mass. Hubby sent his parents to the Airport early in the morning as they were going away for a vacation. We had 'kim-chee-mein' (economy noodle) my FIL bought for breakfast, while waiting lil C to wake up. Then, had a 'romantic-less' lunch with BIL & gf at Olde Station Kopitiam.

Since it was still raining, again, we had to cancelled our Zoo trip and instead spending time window shopping at Warisan Square & Karamunsing. We amused ourself by buying a mini-drum set & an Oral-B electric toothbrush for lil C.. hahahah!

The irony about buying this drumset was that, abelle & her son too, was looking at the drumset and bought one for Isaiah (More like her BIL got it..hehehe) What a coincidence!

having a break at Kupi-bin, while hubby couldnt get his eyes of the Golf Tournament shown on TV

Lil C cant wait to go home, "Let's Go, Papa.. Let's go.. urgghhh" trying to carry the drumset box.
Papa said that he wanted to watch the last hole first... Duh!

Posing with chubby MaMa & his drumset

The Happiest Kid!!! while PaPa was fixing his drum
He kept repeating how much he like his drum.. Sweet SMilin' u two!

Let's Rock and Roll...
"MaMa, U play Guitar!!"

Dinner time, we went to "MONKEY SHOP" as lil C described it. His fav dinner is at the Brass Monkey.. For some reason, he enjoys eating there and that is the only place where he would actually sit down quitely, eating his 3 course meal ~ appetiser, spagghetti & dessert! No way will he behave as such anywhere else..

Happy Anniversary dear... The happiest day in my life, to be able to spend time with the two of you...
Hey, we still havent eaten the last piece of our wedding cake..!!!!! Its still in the freezer!! yaiks!


Elaine said...

Belate Happy Anniversary!!

Your post just reminded me that mine is just around the corner too. 24/11 will be our 6th anniversary... no plan for celebration as I'm still in confinement.

We have got the same drum set too. JS requested that for her 3rd birthday..

Joandarcy said...

Thanks dear.. I was just browsing ur blog.. havent got new ones yet (even u lagged only for 3 days, it isnt like you!) hahaha!!

take care and hugs to all your babies!

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