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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Balik kampung . . oo.oo.oo. balik kampung

We went back to my hometown for 10 days. Havent been spending such quality time every since lil C was born. This trip was more for my lil niece's fullmoon, then we decided to prolong our holiday. Hubby wasnt able to join as he was busy with work..

It great to be able to be home again, and this time the cousins' bonding was great.. Lil C loved the companion of his two cousins. He had always loved his Jia-Kung's gong set, fish/chicken/dog/geese/tortoise feeding session and just running/cycling/scootering in my dad's huge yard! To me, it was a good rest as lil C didnt cling to me as much.. he had all the attention he needed from everyone else..

His left cheek with mozzie bite..

A true-blue delighted Kampung Boy

He also had a chance to go to QQ's jamming studio where he tried on his drumming skills on a real drum, for the first time. His dream came true.. When we went back home, he cant stopped talking about his drumming experience and proud that he played the drum... Such an innocent kid!

The video isnt clear, coz I used my N80 which is very bad in low lightings.

Upon reaching home in KK, lil C cleaned his muddy bike due to the heavy rain/soggy earth in Kampung.

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