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Thursday, November 01, 2007

OPS Nenen : Report #2

Yesterday was terrible... Lil C asked for his nenen every hour... He cried, he whined, grumble... asking, "why mama?? why??"... So kesian also, but I keep reminding myself that he has to stop from his bottle-feed. Since he hardly had any milk in him yesterday, PIL were worried sick that he would be even skinnier than before, and that he would be lack of nutrition (reminded me of the African kids... okay, maybe exaggerating, but it did come to my mind).. I told them that lil C has the urge to pacify himself with the bottle and doesnt do good esp for his teeth... Bottle has to go to. Whatever they said, I told myself that I will NOT give up.. Its NOW or NEVER!

Today was quite positive. Though he did ask for his nenen this morning, I pretended not hearing the poor kid's plead. Instead, brought him to the kitchen with an excuse that he needed his morning drinking water. Then I distracted him by offering to make cheese & ham sandwich for breakfast. We went out to the backyard to enjoy our sandwich while watching a bird having a feast himself. He was happy. Later on, Lil C drank a full cup of Dutch Lady Full Cream cold milk. He did ask for nenen after waking from his afternoon nap, and again, distracted him with lots of things and managed to serve him another glass of milk... Lastly, before going to bed, he took his stinky-binky doggy and looked at me.. and whispered to me that he wanted to drink MILK!!!! :-) Well, MaMa was proud of him, and gladly served him a glass of it... Hopefully, he will not ask for his nenen tomorrow morning...

A very tiring task, mentally, but I think it's worth it!!!! PERSEVERENCE.... sigh!


Elaine said...

I know it's hard of not giving in to their plea...especially hard to bear with the pity cries... you are doing great...keep going

Joandarcy said...

:) Thanks for your support!!! Tough.. imagining urs 3 of them!!! Salute!

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