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Monday, November 26, 2007

mamalink - services for mothers and mothers-to-be

I always believe in active pregnancy and pro-100% breastfeeding. My pregancy with lil C, I prepared and discussed a list of my birth plan to the gynae. She was, in a way, uneasy about it as if I am a pro about giving birth, but she accepted it and said that she would follow the plan provided everything is okay.

So far, she followed the plan and even instructed the nurses to respect it.. No epidural, allowed me to have my walk and streches (for a limited time.. hmmmph).. I wanted hubby to cut the baby's cord upon arrival but he was a lil scared about it, so we agreed that the gynae would do it.

All went well, hubby was great with the relaxation, massages & the pant,pant,blow thing... except he forgot to record the whole episod of me giving birth! haha! I guess both of us were too excited and overwhelmed with the contraction and delivery.

Then, when it came to breastfeeding for the first time, I remembered a nurse made a remark that I might not be able to breastfeed coz my nipple was 'short'. Bloodyhell!!! That remark made me felt as if I am a failed mom... I cried bcoz true indeed, lil C rejected his moomie and the words from the nurse kept lingering in my ear. I feared that she was correct!

I thanked my SIL for inspiring me, giving me the courage and determination to be able to be a succesful breastfeeding mom (a.k.a moomie) to lil C. She is a working mum from 8-5 and still have the time to go home during lunch time to pump milk for both her young sons. Without her, I think I would not have done so far. Everyone else seemed to tell me that my milk isnt enough, should mix formula and breastmilk esp if I decide to go out & leave lil C at home, dont hafta worry about his food, wouldnt be too troublesome. Thinking back, I think a lot of people still think that breastfeeding is obselete.. that if you do it, its very kampungan / old fashion. If you ever listen to the Negarakuku song, the lyrics also did illustrate on the old-fashion breastfeeding belief.

I became a succesful breasfeeding moomie for my lil C for a whole 13months. I wished I had done it longer.. and wished I didnt start with bottle feeding after that.. Being ignorant, I thought every kids should drink milk from the bottle.. sigh!! This belief being too commercialised and the old people has the same thinking too!!! Next time around, it will be a longer breastfeeding session and no more bottle drinking! I will also take lots of pictures of my breastfeeding journey with the next one... I didnt take any good ones when with lil C, thought it was too embarrasing at first! (See, I once had the same old belief once upon a time too)..

Dear mom & mom-to-be, please educated yourself with breastfeeding and the benefit of it to the child and to yourself. Plug your ears when relatives/friends start telling you the negative side of breastfeeding.. Just get rid of them!! muahaha!!

Here's something to share:

Breastfeeding isn't just feeding & providing protection against illness, it is an amazingly intimate relationship between you & your child, also providing your child with the sense of security they need to venture out into their ever expanding world. Truly amazing is the sense of pride you feel when looking at your growing baby & knowing that from the time of conception everything has come from you.[more..]

Here's a wonderful resource from ante-natal, active labour, delivery and breastfeeding, which can be found in Kuala Lumpur.. Too bad that at the moment, we dont have such service in Kota Kinabalu.

Thanks montessorimum.com for the link. And no.. this is not a sponsored link..


Elaine said...

Bravo!! Hope you find the link useful.

I'm enjoying very moment of my MOO time.

Joandarcy said...

I miss my MOOment! Soon, it'll come! I forwarded to a fren who lives in Subang. Hopefully she finds it useful

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