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Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas Isnt Christmas..

Till it happens in your heart...

I loved that song, since I was in High School! Tried to find mp3 of it, but failed. Here's a "sing-a-long" youtube.com of the song.. hehehe..

Yesterday, we attended a Children Christmas party in Damai, a hyped-one... but lil C doesnt want use to leave him in the children hall... so we were in the "parents hall" and lil C enjoyed watching the program live via projector.

We proceeded dinner and when for a walk in KK Gaya Street, as they had some Xmas perfomance. Lil C loves Christmas Carolers (more like the guitarists doing their stuffs), so there we were, stuck in front of them singing...

The nativity set at Gaya Street

1 comment:

Deana E said...

me too!!! love the song and holy night!!!


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