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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Help me to get closer to God, by myself

CGS is a program where it applies Montessori principles to the religious formation of children. The course that I attended recently (level 1) was for children ages 3-6 years old. These are the group of children in the formation years. Absorbent mind and sensitive periods are being acknowledged, as those are the inner mechanisms that aid a child's development during these period.

Again, the vital 3 principles of Montessori:

  1. Prepared Environment (which in this case is called the Atrium - a place of prayer, meditation, quiet and peaceful)
  2. Child-directed activity (child choose their own work)
  3. Adult as servant & observer (catechists are not teachers, they introduce work to the child and during this sensitive period, child will get closer to God by himself)

This course is more than meets the eye... As much as I wanted to introduce to my darlings at home, I have to admit that I too was touched and overwhelmed with the whole learning experience. It made me realised that how small and ignorant I am being one of His creations!

So many things to learn and to discover, I realised that this is the journey that both my children and I, towards getting closer to Him.

I have completed the first 50 hours of the CGS Level 1. I hope I am able to return for my Part 2, that is the next 50 hours. At the same time, I want to make my own materials.... just need time for it! Not sure if I can!

This is just the begining.. Will share more!

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