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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Cloth Diapers - to do or not to do

Once, before lil C was born, I was quite interested with cloth diaper with a brandname Bumwear. It was sold in one of the local mom-baby shop in town. Too bad, the salesperson couldnt really explained to me on how it really works and with one innocent glance, hubby thought it was too expensive.. and MIL informed that it would be troublesome to use, so I dropped the whole idea of cloth diapering.

Recently, I bumped into an online store that does cloth-diapering and the wonderful thing is that it is run in KK, just a few minutes drive from where I live!!! I made the initiative to attend a mini gathering which was held this afternoon, to understand more about this cloth diapering concept...
Was I sold? Well, I was kinda tired after a looong stretch morning with lil C crying for Papa at the Golf Club, and managed to talk to lil C into having his hair-cut.. etc... Rushing to get Papa's car which was left at the club and etcetra... I almost cancelled the idea of attending the meeting I just wasnt sure how and where to start..

Sandra, the owner was very kind to introduce the different kind of cloth diapers available.. Good thing that she knows and is very experience with what she shared becoz her younger daugther is a full-time cloth diapered and a model for Miabambina too.

I was attracted by the soft materials, esp the fleece... I can just imagine how comfy would babies feel in them!!! But I hafta do my homework too! Need to read more about cloth diapers and the different types available. Wanted to check online a night before, but our home streamyx failed me last night!

For those interested to know what am I babbling about, visit miabambina.com for more info!!!! Sandra, most of the time, will be online, very helpful with any questions!!

Once I have gather my thoughts about cloth diaper, I will blog about it!!! Let me first digest the info Sandra shared! Thank you very much for your time *in case you drop by my humble blog*!

Btw, why cloth diaper?

  1. Cloth diapered babies have less diaper rash
  2. No chemicals in cloth diapers
  3. Health of the Environment
  4. Early Potty Training
  5. Cloth diapers cost a LOT less.
  6. Cloth Diapers are easy to put on
  7. Better cushioning for baby's little bum
  8. Cloth diapers are more comfortable for our babies
  9. Cloth diapers are easy to wash
  10. Stand out from the crowd ! [Read More...]


Peridot&Sapphire said...

Hello... welome to the world of cloth... i'm sure you will be addicted... :)

Montessorimum said...

haha..u are addicted too??? I have blogged about my stash yet. :)

I started off with BUMWEAR too...

Montessorimum said...

oops..I mean I haven't really blog about my stash.

Deana E said...

welcome to the club


denna at http://mychildrenjournal.com

Joandarcy said...

Thanks ladies... I am reading more and more about CDs.... Mentally, kind of addicted, but really need to digest if I am up for it! Everything seems very positive!!!! will visit ur blogs!

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