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Sunday, December 16, 2007

I am home!

I am home, after 9 days in Singapore, all by myself. It's like a mama-holiday break kinda thing.. tho I cant stop thinking how was lil C coping without me around him.

PIL informed that he was very 'kuai' (good), except that once in a while, he would look for both Mama & Papa.. Papa was also very busy these few weeks, so lil C hardly saw his Papa around. Every night, it was heart-breaking to see lil C go to our room and looked at our family photos, asked for Mama & Papa.. Even my FIL admitted that it gave him teary eyes... Poor lil boy!

When I came home, lil C was sooo (and still is) clingy to me.. Whenever he saw his photos (taken by me), and he was alone in that shot, he'd asked "Where's Mama in this picture? How come Mama leave me alone?". It affected him so much that he must make sure that he sees me at all time... if he doesnt, he will wail and shout, "Mama, where are u? Dont go anywhere!!!!!"

Dont think I can leave him alone, anymore.... Miss my dearrie lil 'ayam kampung' sooooo much!

p/s my parents call him ayam kampung becoz he is soooo lean, having lil biceps and thigh muscles.. hehehe.. kurus, but luckily he is slighty tall..

p/s2 Will update about my CGS course and post some photos..


Montessorimum said...

welcome back..nice break u have ah...know how u feel, I long for a break like that, but I knew I would miss the kids a lot

Joandarcy said...

ya... now, i cant imagine when #2 comes out... I wont be having a break for a looooooooooooooooooooong looooooooooooong time.. (until they get bigger and decided to give me a break when I dont want to... huhuhu)

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