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Friday, January 18, 2008


We tried so much not to influence lil C with lots of slangs and all, but of course most of the times, it just slips out. I cant deny it sounded more natural, we Sabahans have lots of local expressions like Bah, oii!, lah, kan etc.

Yesterday, I picked lil C from his playschool.. Came this reckless driver drove so fast and I quickly swift my car a bit to the right. Lil C was upset and his expression was "Aiyaaa... this man ah!!!?"

To lil C, when things happened out of the ordinary, he would grumbled and grumbled about the incident.. and dragged it unto a looooooong tiring conversation..

"Ma, why the man drive like that?"
"Why so fast?"
"Why? How come?"
and all those other Qs that I just cant recalled...

An old man in a child's body!

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