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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Celebs Sling it too!

Some friends prefer bulky strollers/pram as they cant imagine 'wearing' their baby ~ just like my 'nenek' (grandma's) era, they said!

Well, I know that those are personal choices... I am crazy over baby-wearing... of course, the modern way! SIL lent me a baby sarong sling when lil C was born, but I just couldnt get the hang of it becoz I felt lil C must be HOT in it.. The material indeed is quite thick. MIL thought it was a waste of money, used a REAL original sarong instead. We also got a baby carrier when we stayed in Miri, still I hated it because it gave me terrible backache!

I hafta admit, my bloggie/montessori friend, Elaine, inspired me a lot with exclusive breastfeeding and baby wearing. So, with this new baby coming, I intend to wear my baby... most of the outing, I HOPE! ;) .. also a longer breastfeeding journey! Quiet excited with the new pouch sling I recently purchased from MilkyWay, even lil C (as old as he is now) can fit in it comfortably!

So, dear friends, it isnt so old fashion to wear your baby, celebs sling it too!

Courtney Cox carries baby Coco

Brooke Shields with baby Grier

Angie Harmon (Law & Order) in her baby carrier

Angelina Jolie with baby Maddox

Cindy Crawford in her black baby carrier

Madonna slings her new adopted baby, David

Julia Roberts carries Henry in her baby sling, walking with her twins

Former Bush lead singer Gavin Rossdale uses his baby sling with Kingston. Gwen Stefani is the mother. (cool for daddys too!)

Gwen Stefani's baby sling carries baby Kingston.

Sheryl Crow uses her baby sling on hikes with adopted son Wyatt

Carrie Anne Moss shows off her baby in a sling

Keri Russell's baby sling swaddles newborn baby River.

Brooke Shields uses her baby carrier

Brad Pitt's baby carrier: Brad chose a classic black pouch to carry Shiloh

Naomi Watts baby carrier looks fabulous on her

Denise Richard & daughter Lola

Resource: mammasmilk.com


Jewelle said...

As much as I think this a nice idea myself, just make sure you are dressed fabulously when you're out and about wearing slings, I'm sure you know what I mean.

Joandarcy said...

hahaha!!!! With the classy glassy and sexy top.. Maybe I can just wear tube, easy for breastfeeding *eheheh*

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